Where Do Recycled Shingles Go?
Recycled asphalt shingles can be used in a variety of end uses, including:
space bullet Asphalt Pavement
  bullet Alternative Fuel used in Power Plants and Cement Kilns
  bullet Cold Patch – for potholes. Sidewalks, utility cuts, driveways, ramps, bridges, and parking lots
  bullet Pothole Patch
  bullet Road and ground cover

For Roofer
space bullet Promotes green construction for LEED credits or cerification projects
  bullet Significantly reduces shingle disposal cost – much cheaper than the landfill
  bullet Shingle recycling can be used as a selling point to homeowners
  bullet Minimizes waste stream from going into the landfill
  bullet Various states are expected to ban the disposal of asphalt shinges in landfills

Hot Mix
space bullet Estimated cost savings of $5.00 to over $7.00 per ton of HMA
  bullet Process can be engineered to provide HMA with equivalent or better performance
  spacer→ Improved resistance to pavement cracking
spacer→ Improved resistance to rutting
  bullet Conservation of natural resources – reduced use of virgin asphalt cement & mined aggregate

space bullet Reduces cost of virgin fuel - coal and fuel oil
  bullet Reduces carbon footprint of the facility
  bullet Promotes green sustainable technologies 
  bullet Asphalt has an energy value of 17,000 BTU's/lb 

space bullet Conservation of natural resources by reducing the demand for oil and mined aggregate
  bullet Conservation of landfill space by keeping roofing shingles out of landfills
  bullet Produces longer lasting roads
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