Can any roofing material be recycled?
No. Only residential asphalt composition shingles can be recycled at our facility. We cannot accept commercial flat roofing, roll roofing, tile roofs, cedar shakes, wood shingles, coal tar, rubber or metal roofs.

Am I only allowed to dump shingles?
We are not a licensed landfill and are limited by the state as to the amount of debris that we can handle. Each load will be inspected and approved loads will only contain shingles and debris from the roofing job. This includes flashing and drip edges, pallets, small amounts of wood, and plastic from the shingle delivery. We do ask that you place the shingles on the bottom and all other debris on top for easy removal.

What are your hours of operation?
All our yards are open from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 6pm. Please see our “Locations” page for shingle dump locations and contact numbers

Is there a cost to dump shingles at one of your yards?
There is no charge to dump “clean” shingle loads which are loads that contain just asphalt shingles and no other roofing debris. Loads that contain other roofing debris are charged a small fee which is typically half of what the landfill charges. Costs may be determined based on the amount of debris mixed into the shingles.

Do you provide dumpster services?
SPT does not have dumpster rentals though we do work closely with companies that do.  We would be able to provide you will a list of roll-off and dumpster service companies that use our yards to recycle shingle loads so you can be sure the material does not end up in a landfill.

What can I do to help prevent shingles from being landfilled?
Ask your roofer or dumpster service to recycle your shingles.  Don't hesitate to ask for confirmation.  Our receipts state that this roofing material was recycled.  If you are searching out a pavement company for a new driveway or parking lot, ask for recycled shingles as part of the composition of your pavement mix.  

How can I be sure my roofer or dumpster for hire is recycling?
If your roofer or dumpster service is listed on our Certified Recyclers page, you can be assured they are committed to recycling shingles. If they are not listed, we recommend you contact our offices or yard location in your area to determine if they are recycling. 

My roofer or dumpster company says they recycle, why aren't they listed on your Certified Recyclers page?
It is important to SPT that our Certification is meaningful to the general public. Because we feel it is our reputation on the line as well, we have implemented a procedure for Certification.  Once a company has proven their commitment to recycling through their performance of our procedures we are proud to certify them.  We offer this service primarily for homeowners who want to be sure their shingles don’t end up in a landfill.

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